Finding Data – WRI EarthTrends Delivered


Image from: WRI EarthTrends

World Resources Institute has a useful and interesting service called EarthTrends Delivered. By signing up for this free service you can explore dozens of data charts and maps online and receive email digests of new data as it is produced by WRI in any of the following:

-Greenhouse Gas Emission Sources and Trends

-U.S. Climate Policy

-Energy and Electricity

-Adapting to Climate Change Impacts

Upon signing up you also get a dashboard to manage your subscriptions, save data, and share data via facebook, email or tweet.

3 comments on “Finding Data – WRI EarthTrends Delivered

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  2. […] Finding Data – WRI Earthtrends Delivered […]

  3. […] Finding Data – WRI EarthTrends Delivered […]

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