UC San Diego Lighting Retrofit


My friend Anna Levitt, assistant campus energy manager at UC San Diego, is profiled in a video detailing the campus’s approach to a major lighting retrofit project. It’s a good overview of what it takes to achieve energy savings at this scale (for example, replacing 40,000 light bulbs, or “lamps”).

You can see the video on the UC San Diego website here.


Implementing the AIA 2030 Commitment


I came across this blog through one of the many mailing lists I am subscribed to. I started reading, and I wanted to share.

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Mike Davis has a blog about convincing his architectural firm, Bergmeyer, to sign the AIA 2030 Commitment – Mike Davis FAIA.

It all starts when he tries to convince his local AIA chapter, the Boston Society of Architects, to set a goal of getting all member firms to sign the commitment. Then, as he puts it:

 I said “this Committee should set a goal of achieving 100% BSA member-firm participation in the 2030 Commitment!”

Eric White, BSA Deputy Director, was quick to throw down the gauntlet. “Mike, you could get your firm to join and write a blog about it! Stories-from-the-trenches kind of thing.”

So here we are. For the next year or so, I will be blogging about getting my architectural firm – Bergmeyer – to sign the AIA 2030 Commitment and recording our progress as we follow through with our first year of reporting. You should try this at your firm, too.

He’s been blogging since June. It’s very interesting insight into how the culture of the design community approaches meeting sustainability goals. Go check it out!

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You can find more information on the AIA 2030 Commitment on the AIA website, here.

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