Tour A Tiny Apartment in Spain


Our previous posts on tiny houses (here and here) are consistently among our most-viewed posts here at Zero Resource. As I find more interesting tiny dwellings, I will post them. Today, I am posting a video tour of a tiny apartment in Spain, converted from a rooftop pigeon coop. Enjoy!

If the embedded video above does not appear, you can also find the video on YouTube here.

There are a number of other video tours of tiny houses and apartments on YouTube. I’ll post some of them over the next couple weeks.

3 comments on “Tour A Tiny Apartment in Spain

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  3. Cheryll says:

    Very good video, I think this tiny apartment is an example of spanish real estate bubble, in Madrid center there lofts or apartments with 25 m2 and prices since 6,000 Eur/m2.

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