Two Years of Zero Resource

Over the last two years, we have covered a number of topics, from tiny houses, to DOE rules on showerheads, to definitions of terms.

Since the end of February, when WordPress starting showing the statistics, Zero Resource has attracted readers from all over the world.

Over the last two years, the top twenty most popular posts of all time are:

  1. Death Rays
  2. More Tiny Houses
  3. The Difference Between the CEC and CPUC
  4. Tour a Tiny Apartment in Spain
  5. Putrescible Waste
  6. Finding Data – GDP and Electricity Consumption
  7. Alex Wilson, Founder of EBN – Part 1
  8. Plastic Bag / Retail Bag Laws in the U.S.
  9. Bad News About CBECS 2007
  10. Nina Maritz
  11. Are People Clueless about Energy Savings?
  12. MRF (Rhymes with Smurf)
  13. Resilience vs. Sustainability
  14. The Key System
  15. Visualizing the U.S. Power Grid
  16. Do Green Roofs Improve Solar PV Performance?
  17. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  18. Local Target Stores & Hazardous Waste
  19. Tiny “Spite” Houses
  20. Houses – Small, Reused, and Prefab

Many thanks to all the Zero Resource readers around the world! We look forward to another year.

Announcing the Friday Video Series!

We have come across an increasing number of interesting and informative videos by local experts, tours of tiny houses or efficient buildings, and graphical explanations of how infrastructure works. We would like to being sharing these in a more organized way. Introducing…the Friday Video Series!

We will be kicking off the series this Friday with a video about designing zero net energy buildings by a Bay Area expert. Stay tuned.

– – –

We’d love suggestions of  any videos you’d like to see profiled in this series (especially if they highlight people or buildings in the Bay Area and Northern California). Feel free to suggest them in the comments or send me a note at anna AT zeroresource DOT com.

– – –

Zero Resource is Adding Contributing Writers!

I’m delighted to announce that our blog is adding contributing writers. We’ll have our first post by a contributing writer later today!

Zero Resource on EcoPressed!


Just wanted to share the news that Noelle’s recent article on the World Resources Institute service called Earthtrends Delivered has been highlighted on EcoPressed.

EcoPressed features “the best environmental blogging across the WordPress community.”

– – –

Keep Coming Back to Zero Resource

We are working hard to build both a resource and a community here at Zero Resource.

There are a number of ways you can keep up with what we’re doing:

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What is Zero Resource?


We are focused on reducing the use of energy and water and reducing the amount of solid waste.  We think that to reduce something, it first needs to be quantified. Many communities now have ambitious carbon, water, and waste reduction goals. However, there is no systematic collection of data to support the strategic decision-making that will be necessary.

We are focused on four “simple” questions:

What data is available and how is it used?

How is it tracked and measured?

How do you tell when you’ve made an impact (or how are baselines calculated)?

How can data be presented more simply and effectively?

We are gathering and translating the free information available online through various sources and at various scales to promote long-term thinking about these critical issues.